14 Years of dropping knowledge and beats!


First and foremost, thank you for taking the time to check out Based On Bass. We have been running for 14 years and dropping both knowledge and beats on the world. We have taken a lot of time to keep the website updated with fresh content and looks. We have gone through several designs of the last 14 years and kept up with the demand of our fans and supporters each and every time!

There are a few new changes to the site which we would like to address. First being the departing of the old Forums. Our old forums  were a huge hit but overtime we found maintenance and keeping up with them to be a lot of work. We currently have shutdown the old forums. We certainly loved each and every members contribution to topics and so forth. We did activate a new forum but decided to not migrate users or posts; again the old forums just were a mess and it went years without moderation and care. So we start over fresh!!

Going forward we are making the site more accessible for all end users. We thank you all for the long years of support! If you are new to the site, welcome and enjoy what we have to offer. There will be plenty of knowledge and beats to be heard/shared!



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