Beats : Belly Dance!


Twerking is word I find used and abused, misleading, and often discussed. The craze has gathered some of the most funniest videos on the internet these days, that would be all the failures attempting to twerk. But I can’t help but laugh because the original twerking or shaking that ass derives from several dance flavors such as belly dancing. While in belly dancing the dancer is mainly focused on hip movement, I like to call it the original twerking; mainly just to throw mud into the now so “famous” ass shaking term.

At any rate, check out this beat, it is posted both on Youtube as well as Soundcloud. Youtube having a nice video of a belly dancer in action!


KODA – Belly Dance

Video Editing by KODA.
Original Video From Unknown.
Music Production: KODA
45Amp Recordings.

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