Two Click Flare (Orbit) & Delayed Two Click Flare


I get a lot of people asking, and see a lot of people inquiring about the bases of a two click flare and what exactly is the delayed two click flare. There are so many topics with this subject, to the point where people state a boomerang is a delayed flare. Is it? I don’t really have weight in that debate,  we’ll not get too deep into things, but lets focus on the core of these two scratches. As that is what will show clear. This is what I would consider the delay, and you could technically delay it several ways.


The TTM above shows the exact differences in the scratches and how they should be executed.


You will notice that the normal Two Click Flare (Orbit) is an open fader scratch, 6 notes total.  Whereas the Delayed version, is a closed fader scratch that is simply delayed, and still has 6 notes.


If we break the core of this scratch into note components, you’ll see where the “Delayed” nature comes into play as opposed to the “Orbit”.


Two Click Flare (Orbit):

  1. Open Fader Scratch.
  2. Notes 1 – 3 are on the forward motion of the record.
  3. Notes 3 – 6 are on the backward motion of the record.


Delayed Two Click Flare:

  1. Closed Fader Scratch.
  2. Starts with a backward motion
  3. Start with note 6 of the original two click scratch. Hence the delay.


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