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Based On Bass - 45 Amp Recordings

www.BasedOnBass.com was first opened and launched in 1999 by Jason. The website was a migrated hybrid of an idea which populated from another website project Jason owned by the name of Jungle Kidz; which became very popular but needed more expansion. Jason also worked for the Drum And Bass Arena from the UK. He was a reporter, reporting on local San Francisco events, raves, and music. All these elements created the need for a new website which offered robust content and knowledge sharing. Hence the birth of Based On Bass.


Based On Bass started off as an online mag-E-Zine (magazine),  covering many aspects of the rave culture, underground music, and digital arts; a concept we tagged as “The Futurism”. The site has covered a lot of grounds since the official launch in 1999. Some notable mentions: Online magazine, scene reports, art and photography projects, online forum / BBS, and much more. Through out the now 14 years of Based On Bass, one thing has stayed solid with, the focus on music, knowledge sharing, and art. 

Some interesting bits about www.BasedOnBass.com

  • We have hosted/promoted several parties, club nights, and rave events in our times.
  • Based On Bass was one of the first online sites to host a weekly live radio show, streaming via webcam with guest DJ’s.
  • We are one of the first online music magazines to have featured a lot of artists and art both digital/photography.
  • In early times, Based On Bass was heavily focused on Jungle and Drum and Bass.



The website has launched many projects and on going adventures. Some of the noteworthy projects which you may or may not have heard of, such as 45 Amp Recordings, Urban Drums, SFRaggaJungle.com, and many more. Regardless, they are all projects which live/lived under Based On Bass throughout the many years of promotions and online adventures.

45 Amp Recordings  

Based On Bass is also the home 45 Amp Recordings. 45 Amp Recordings is a super small independent multi genre record label formed and operated by Jason. Today we release several projects, both physical (CD, Vinyl, Dubplates) as well as digital releases. Rather than hosting yet another web site, we decided to roll the two together.