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“C’est La Vie” is available digitally via stores such as iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, Spotify, and iHeartRadio; to name a few on 11/11/2013! It is the debut release from “Independent Frequency”.


And this should be of no shock,  unless you never ever keep up with this site, our FB page, and are a new comer in general to the music here. C’est La Vie is the debut album from Independent Frequency, who actually is not a new comer to music or the scene.  Fact with this new project and album, why did “KODA” (now Independent Frequency) all of a sudden turn away from the known alias he has used for so many years… “KODA” ? What about generalized information about the ideas behind Based On Bass, 45 Amp Recordings, and what this release is about? And is there really a free download to fans of his facebook page?


We decided to do a little in house interview to settle some of the questions we have gotten and just curiosity in general about C’est La Vie, Based On Bass, and 45 Amp Recordings!


Before we begin, a little history for those who may need some catching up or cliff notes. C’est La Vie made an entrance into digital distributors earlier this year in the format of a single, which is listed under “KODA – C’est La Vie (When It Comes To Love Instrumental)”. Months later 45 Amp Records announced the whole album ready to go but under a different alias, surely something odd is going on here!


First; What prompted you to change your name on this album from KODA to Independent Frequency?


[Independent Frequency] Well it all started based on the abuse of the name KODA. I’ve been working under this alias for years but it seems a lot of others jumped on with the same name in the music scene. But what really killed the name was distribution to stores such as iTunes. We launched the C’est La Vie single in March and this is when we really ran into trouble. Distributors were confused all over the place because there were so many KODA’s.


I had known people were using the name KODA often but we ran a search one day with the distribution and the results were something like 8+ artist, all different individuals or groups mind you, and all with the name KODA! It was a sad night when I really sat down and looked at this; weighted out the options and reality of things; and in the end I can’t have that! No fucking way! And as a small independent artist, I don’t have the capitol or means to really go and fight for the name legally. I’ve tried in the past but who am I to tell another person not to use the name, especially when I’m not super famous. Overall it was just bad and got worse as the years went. So, fuck it, I just left it there. I’ve used the alias for so long and it was time to move on anyhow, so I did.


BTW Independent Frequency was a name I came up with back in circa 2004, I was going to use it for alter ego projects. So I just pushed it to the front. I’ve always liked it!


Will listeners be surprised by the album C’est La Vie? If so, why?


[Independent Frequency] Yes, I think for those who only followed my Drum and Bass, Jungle, Breakcore, and Ragga joints… you probably will fall over for it not being brutal! But really I don’t think it will come as much of a surprise. I am an artist at heart, I do more than just one thing and people should know that by now. I’ve always represented so many styles in my music. C’est La Vie to me is the mark of maturity in my music. It has a lot of meaning and depth to me. This album represents life in general. It is sometimes smooth, dark in places, light in others, very intriguing to me, and I think people will lock into it or not. I will not satisfy everyone’s ears but I think the majority who even bother to listen will enjoy this album.



Speaking of… it seems that 45 Amp Recordings focuses on several music genres, we’ve seen hip hop to breakcore, movie scores, bumps for cartoons… What challenges do you face as a small label focusing on so many genres of music?


[Independent Frequency] Getting people to listen! My god is that fucking hard.  Having the money to do projects, the time to do them, and help doing anything. I do a lot of this on my own. I spend all my free time, which is limited, working on Based On Bass, 45 Amp Recordings, and all the music ideas and projects that posses my mind. It sucks putting in all this work for a single download or sell, reaching only a few people’s ears.  Constantly being upside down on things! You spend hundreds to get a project going and make nothing back, you don’t break even, and that sucks when you spend a lot of time, energy, and love into the work. You give a lot for free in too! These are the things that make all of this a challenge and keep your mind occupied at all times. I work so hard for this stuff, very hard….



Speaking of FREE… What is this about all fans to your facebook page getting this release for free?


[Independent Frequency] Yes, this is correct! If you are a fan of my facebook page, I will be providing, for a limited time, a free copy of the release. Really it is my way of saying thanks for the support. 



Let’s talk about the tracks on the album C’est La Vie, example, what is up with the “Interlude” tracks? Is there any special reason you added these? Also the album seems to cover a theme with love. Anything about that?



[Independent Frequency] I wanted to break up the tracks. Example, starting with a most mellow mood then moving to a more upbeat track. The interludes help break that all up and also I love them. At first I was not going to add them into the official release but after a lot of thought, I did. I think they are great coda! 😉 as well as very deep passages that move well in between the other tracks. They are almost like bonus beats because you don’t get cheated with a 30 second loop but also there is just enough run time to make you hit rewind and play it again. I like to look at it as a little to leave your ears starving for more yet enough to fulfill them.

Far as the theme of “love” on some of these tracks. Really it is about me falling into love and loving my life & music. Really just that simple.



What was your mood like when making C’est La Vie? How did it drive the results or did it at all?


[Independent Frequency] Complete neck rocking! This is a huge album for me, personally, and I think it is very matured, well composed, produced, and it just seemed like a fine wine to me. Each track that was added to the album was just another “OMG” moment for me. I really fell in love with this work, I obsessed over it secretly {I still do}, played the tracks over and over for almost a whole year! When your own music gets you humming or singing randomly and stuck in your head all day…. I think there is something to be said about that! Getting goose bumps mixing down tracks…  All good stuff! And the mood for me was amazingly high! I walked in every day working on this album and took time adding so much to it. I scrapped a ton off this album though. I seriously would tell myself “this is not worthy of C’est La Vie” and not in terms of the music not being good enough, but it just didn’t fit what I wanted to capture on this album. So the overall mood here is much like what the meaning of C’est La Vie represents. It’s life, it runs up and down the emotional scales. 



So why the name C’est La Vie?


[Independent Frequency]  Album names are hard to come by and you can spend a year trying to name an album. For me it came pretty easily after the completion of the single “C’est La Vie”. Post completion I pretty much knew that track was so strong and it could carry a whole album name! So therefore I choose it. It just happens that “C’est La Vie” is such a straight forward term as well, really it is life, the way of things and the music is my life. This is also a huge transitional period for me personally in life and I thought this is the way life is, so it really just stuck with me and was perfect. I know there a ton of other albums and songs that bare the name. But it really didn’t bug me and I never honestly looked back on the decision to name this album C’est La Vie. 



Last, but very important… is there really going to be a vinyl release and when if so!?


[Independent Frequency]  Yes. I will be releasing this album on Vinyl as well. This probably will not be ready until next year {2014}. It will be a small and very limited release however, but this to me is a must. I am a vinyl fan and I do appreciate the work it take to get an album on to vinyl. I think it is an art! The market for vinyl is still there! People who collect records will appreciate the physical and rarity of the release. I want to do it, and will. There will be more information on the site about the release and if you love it digitally, you’ll love having a one of a kind rare record to go with this. 


And there you have it folks…

A small intro into the mind behind this new album! Don’t forget to keep posted to Based On Bass and remember  “C’est La Vie” is available digitally on 11/11/2013 via stores such as iTunes, Amazon,  iHeartRadio, and more. If you are not already a fan of the Facebook Page, please “LIKE” it now! We are handing out free downloads of the album very soon to all Fans.

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